VOL. 8 | NO. 2 | Dec, 1982


Dasherkandi Project Studies-Health of the under Fifteen

M.N. Ala.m. I M. Z. Kabir, S. M. K. AU and A. K. M. N. Chowdhury

I Rapid Technique for Detection of Pneumonia

N. S. Shahid, A. N. Alam, K. Haider, C. Henning, L. Gothefors, and W. B. Greenough,III

Preliminary Experience with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialy&is

M. Rahman, S. A. Haq and A. Haq

Studies of the Presence of Rabies Virus Among Stray Dogs In Dhaka City

M.W. AIi,M.J. U. Majumder,F. Huq, M. A. Latif, I. F. Bari and S.A. AJam

A New Combination Chemotherapy For Recurrent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

M. A. Rahim, S. K. Sarma, and Q. Ahmed

Study of Thyroid Function in Protein Energy Malnutrition

U. H. Farida Kha.tun, M. R. Khan, Ferdous Ara, K. Ahmed and S.A.R. Chowdhury