VOL 46. | NO.1 | April 2020

COVID-19 in Bangladesh: Measures for containment
Rahman SMM, Hossain SM, Jahan MU

Neonatal surgery: Demand and survival both are on increase- an experience of seventeen years in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh
Hanif A, Hasina K, Rouf MA, Islam KMS, Ferdous NS, Khan JG, Huq A

Serum homocysteine level in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Alam MF, Islam MM, Haque M, Rahman SA

Outcome of paediatric rhabdomyosarcoma attended in a tertiary care hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rahman ATMA, Begum M, Akter M, Azad K, Siddiques F, Jamal CQ, Shah S

Mycobaterial interspersed repetitive units-variable number of tandem repeats analysis and pattern of drug resistance in extended drug resistant (XDR) TB isolates from pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Bangladesh
Tarafder S, Monir BB

Effect of glycaemic control on thyroid hormones level in type 2 diabetic patients
Alo K, Begum Mahmuda, Rahman MM

Seroprevalence of human brucellosis among high risk and normal individuals of Sylhet district in Bangladesh
Akthar J, Chowdhury OA, Das P, Sinha SP

Enterotoxic, neurotoxic and cytotoxice demonstrated by shiga toxin (2d) producing escherichia coli in experimental models
Ahsan CR, Begum K, Kabir E, Talukder KA

Evaluation of colposcopic and histopathological findings in precancerous cervical lesions
Dorji N, Begum SA, Mahmud T, Amatullah M

Anaemia in hypothyroidism
Shah S, Begum M, Akter DM, Rahman AATM, Uddin F, Rahman J

Brain abscess with situs inversus and dextrocardia: A case report
Haroon K, Taher T, Rahman M, Barua KK

Technological advancements to reduce the influence of absorption and scattering on the optical imaging
AL-Timimi Zahra