VOL. 43 | NO.2 | August 2017

Association of platelet parameters in acute coronary syndrome before and after anti-platelet therapy
Pervin S, Hossain M, Sultana T, Paul D, Ahmed CM, Ahmed ANN

Splenic volume: correlation between ultrasonogram and standard CT measurements
Paul FN, Taher A, Jahan M, Roy SK, Sarker S, Sultana S

Prevalence of anti-HBc total positivity in an impoverished urban community in Bangladesh
Ghosh DK , Ghosh CK , Nath M , Safwath SA , Saha SK, Rowshon AHM

Clinical and radiographic efficacy of portland cement as pulpotomy material in human primary molar
Shanta KN, Bashar AKM, Hossain M, Sheikh MAH, Alim A, Moral AA

Birth prevalence of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in a cohort of pregnant women in Bangladesh
Jahan M, Sultana N, Asma R, Tabassum S, Islam MN

Gentamicin in newborn sepsis: once-daily dose versus twice-daily dose
Shabuj MKH, Moni SC, Shaha CK, Dey SK, Mannan A, Shahidullah

Potency determination of essential drug samples manufactured by medium and small pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh
Ononna HF, A Hossain ASMM, Ganguly A, Faroque ABM

Effects of varicocelectomy on abnormal semen parameters in patients with clinically palpable varicocele
Morshed MS, Alam AKMK, Islam AKMA, Zaman SB, Alam MS, Islam N