VOL.40 | NO.1 | April, 2014


Newborn hearing screening: what are we missing?
Mannan MA, Choudhury SM, Dey AC, Dey SK, Naher BS, Shahidullah M

Antimicrobial resistance and in vitro biofilm-forming ability of Enterococci spp. isolated from urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital in Dhaka
Akhter J, Ahmed S, Saleh AA, Anwar S

Role of sonohysterography in evaluation of abnormally thickened endometrium causing abnormal uterine bleeding with histopathological correlation
Parveen S, Azad SA, Mohammad J, Haque S, Shanta RS, Rahman SM

Cadaver study of the volume of the ovary in Bangladeshi women
Perven HA, Nurunnabi ASM, Ara S, Jahan MU

Physicians knowledge and attitude of opioid availability, accessibility and use in pain management in Bangladesh
Khan F, Ahmad N, Iqbal M, Kamal AM

Modulation of oxidative stress by enalapril and valsartan in adrenaline treated rats: a comparative study
Huda S, Akhter N

Comparison of coronary CT angiography with conventional coronary angiography in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease
Mannan M, Bashar MA, Mohammad J, Jahan MU, Momenuzzaman NAM, Haque MA

Students’ perceptions of the educational environment in an Iranian Medical School, as measured by The Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure
H Bakhshi, MH Bakhshialiabad, Gh Hassanshahi


Gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the rectum : An analysis of six cases
Nahar K, Islam KMS, Quddus MA

Prevention of blindness due to agriculture related ocular trauma in Bangladesh: A nationwide campaign
Khan AK