VOL. 37 | NO. 3 | December, 2011


Dorsolateral onlay urethroplasty for long segment anterior urethral stricture: outcome of a new technique
Habib AKMK, Alam AKMK, Amanullah ATM, Rahman H, Hossain AKMS, Salam MA, Kibria SAMG

To compare the efficacy of triple therapy with furazolidone, amoxicillin and omeprazole for two weeks and three weeks in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in Bangladeshi duodenal ulcer patients
Saha SK, Saha SK, Masud H, Islam N, Raihan ASMA, Roy PK, Hasan M

Antibody responses after hepatitis B vaccination among maintenance haemodialysis patients
Nahar K, Jahan M, Nessa A, Tabassum S

Role of MRI in the evaluation of acoustic schwannoma and its comparison to histopathological findings
Haque S, Hossain A, Ouddus MA, Jahan MU

Evaluation of the results of posterior decompression, posterolateral fusion and stabilization by pedicle screw and rod in traumatic thoracolumbar fractures
Islam MA, Sakeb N, Islam A, Sarker SK, Mandai SK

Role of red cell distribution width (RDW) in the detection of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy within the first 20 weeks of gestation
Sultana GM, Haque SA, Sultana T, Rahman 0, Ahmed ANN

Circulating levels of homocysteine in preeclamptic women
KhosrowbeygiA, AhmadvandH


A huge acrochordon in labia majora-An unusual presentation
Ahmed S. Khan AK, Hasan M, Jamal ABM

Post Hysterectomy Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor: A Rare Presentation