VOL. 30 | NO. 2 | August, 2004


Analysis of Disability Adjusted Life Years(DALYs) Among Arsenic Victims:A Cross-sectional Study on Health Economics Perspective*
AA Molla’, KS Anwar2, SA Hamidi, ME Hoque3, AKMZ Haq4

Role of Free to Total Prostate Specific Antigen Ratio in Serum in the Diagnosis of Prostatic Enlargement
AKMZI Bhuiyan’, SAMG Kibria2, SS Subhan.l

Holmium Laser Urethrotomy for Urethral Stricture
AZMZ Hossain, SA Khan, S Hossain, MA Salam

Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in Urban Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh
MA Rahim’, 8 Vaaler2, 8M KeramatAIP, AKA Khan4,A Hussain5, Q Nahart.

Interferon-Gamma (IFN-y) Response to Different Hepatitis B Virus Antigens in Hepatitis B Virus Infection
S Paul, S Tabassum, MN Islam