VOL. 3 | NO. 2 | Dec, 1977


Nephrotic Syndrome

Matiur Rahman; K.M. Nazrul Islam and Sawkat Hassan.

Influence of Mercuric Chloride Induced Uremia on Intramolecular Structure of Muscle Glycogen in Rats

A. Mannan and M.S. Rahman.

Nutrient Reserve in Congenital Malformations

M.A. Hussain.

A Study on the Evaluation of Local Shati Starch as a Substitute of Polysaccharides Used in the Preparation of Capsules and Tablets of Antibiotics

Md. Shamsur Rahman, Aminul Islam and Muhiuddin Ahmed.

Comparison of Norinyl and Combination-5

Atiqur Rahman Khan, Ingrid Swensen and Farida Akhtar Jahan.

Surveillance of Rabies in Dacca

Md. Wazed Ali, Fazlul Karim Khan, Md. Sharif-ud-Doulah and Md. Jamaluddin Majumdar.

Health Survey of Students of a Primary School

Shah Md. Keramat AlL

Post-Kala-Azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (A Review of 10 cases)

Hasan Mohd. Khan.

A Study of Ventilatory Function in 4320 Adult Male Subjects

A.K.M. Nawab Ali and A.R. Khan.

Bacteriuria and Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy

S.M.A. Razzaque and K.M. Rahman