VOL. 27 | NO. 3 | December, 2001


Inflammation and Glandular Proliferation in Hyperplastic Prostates: Association with Prostate Specific Antigen Value
NA Banut, FA Azim2,M KamaP, MAK Rumi4, AR Barua3, KH Khan3

Correlation of mtrasonographic Findings with mtrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of Liver Lesion
TA Nasir1, NA Banut, M Hussain1, AA Begum2, H AlP

Dissecting the Contradictory Findings of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Genetic Polymorphism with Blood Pressure and Hypertension
MM Zamant, N Yoshiike2,H Tanaka2

Depression After Stroke-Analysis of 297 Stroke Patients
MA Hayee,l N Akhtar,2 A Haque,3 MG Rabbani,4

Effect of Oestrogen Replacement Therapy on Bone Mass in Post-Menopausal Bangladeshi Women
F Beguml, L Shamsuddinl, MA Hussain’, TA Chowdhury2, M Rahman3, TR Das I

Necrosectomy Followed by Closed Cavity Lavage for Necrotising Pancreatitis – Report of Three Cases
Mohammad AU,SMA Zafar, NM Fazal, B Zaman, M Husain, A Rahman, B Ahmed and MM Islam