VOL. 24 | NO. 3 | December, 1998


Association of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism with Hypertension in a Bangladeshi Population
AH Chowdhury,1 MM Zaman; KMHSS Haque,z MA Rouf,z ATMN Shah,z T Nakayama,T Yokoyama,1 N Yoshiike,3 H Tanaka’

Foetal Compromise by Spontaneous Foetal Heart Rate Deceleration in Reactive Non-Stress Test and Decreased Amniotic Fluid Index
F Begum,1 K Buckshee1

Monitoring Efficacy of Commonly Used Antimalarials by a 14-day IN-VIVO Testin a New Settler’s Camp in Endemic Zone at Cox’s Bazar
MR Rahman,1 MR Hassan/ MA Faiz,3 R Samad/ B Paul,4 MA JaliiS

Effect of Health Warning on the Use of Breast Milk Substitutes by Lactating Mothers*
FU Ahmed, I ME Rahman/ MB Alam2

Case Report

Acquired Pure Red Cell Aplasia- A Case Report
J Rahman, MA Rashid, ABM Yunus, SA Chowdhury, A Kabir, MA Khan, J Wajed