VOL. 24 | NO. 2 | August, 1998


Cognitive Impairment in Elderly, Non-insulin Dependent Diabetic Men in Bangladesh
MMK Muqit, HS Ferdous

Misuse of Drugs in Acute Diarrhoea in Under-Five Children
MB Alam’, FU Ahmed2, ME Rahmani

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block for Split Skin Grafting
MLR Khan,’ MM Hossain,2 AYFE Chowdhury,J QA Saleh,’ MA Majid4


Cerebral Malaria- A Study of 104 Cases
MA Faizt, MR Rahmani, MA Hossain1, HA RashidJ

Magnesium Sulphate Versus Diazepam in the Management of Eclampsia
L Shamsuddin’, S Roue, JH Khan2, S Tamanna2, AZMI Hussain3, AKM Samsuddin4

Incidence of Low Birth Weight in Three Selected Communities of Bangladesh*
N Nahar, S Afroza, M Hossain