VOL. 23 | NO. 2 | August, 1997


Sero-epidemiological Study of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in a Village
M Rahman” Amanullah,2 H Sattar,J M Rahman” HA Rashid,4 AS Mollah5

Value of Clinical Features in the Diagnosis of Enteric Fever
SA Haq, MN Alam, SM Hossain, T Ahmed, M Tahir

Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Tract Infection and its Risk Factors in Under Five Children
MM Rahman, AMF Rahman

Follow up Study of Thyroidectomy
A Haider, MN Amin

Histopathological Variations among Cases of Wilms’ Thmor in Bangladesh and its Relationship with Prognosis
T Ara’, WA Khan2, 8M AlP

Analysis of Psychiatric Morbidity of Outpatient Children in Mitford Hospital, Dhaka
DAKMA Rahiml, SMS AlP, MG Rabbanil, MA Rahman3

A Wooden Foreign Body in the Neck
N Bhattacharjee, MM Hossain, SMKA Mazumder, MK Khan.