VOL. 22 | NO. 3 | December, 1996


The Effects of Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty on Left VentricularFunction
MA Kashem, T Mukai, M Okada

Effect of Suppressive Thyroxine Therapy on Solitary Thyroid Nodules
MR Chowdhuryt, MN Alaml, SA Haql, MAJ Ansaril, N Nahar, S Momtaz2, MA Karim2

Gamma Conglutin from Sweet Lupin and It’s Effects on Plasma Cholesterol in Rats
MH Rahman

Tympanometry -A Diagnostic Tool for Otitis Media with Effusion in Children
PG Datta’, MR Chakraborty’, US Khan’, MJ Uddin’, MA Samad’, MN AminI

An Analysis of 1161 Cases of Dyspepsia
M M Rahman


Lesbianism: A Case Report
AK Chowdhury, DAKMA Rahim, DM Biswas, MG Rabbani