VOL. 22 | NO. 2 | August, 1996


Antenatal Fetal Assessment using Biophysical Profile Score
F Beguml, K Buckshee2,IN Pande

Prelacteal Feeding : Influencing Factors and Relation to Establishment of Lactation
FU Ahmed’, ME Rahmani, MS Alam2

Predictors of Duodenal Ulcer Healing in Sucralfate Treated Patients
SA Haq, MT Rahman, M Hasan, AKA Khan

Zinc Concentration of Breast Milk and its Diurnal Variation in Bangladeshi Mothers
M Hussain’, Z U Sikder’, M A Wahed2, A T M A Haquel, F Jahan2

Conduction Disturbances in Acute Myocardial Infarction:Incidence, Site-wise Relationship and The Influence on In-Hospital Prognosis
AAS Majumderl, A. Malik2, A. Zafar

Effect of Onion Extract on Immune Response in Rabbits
M M Chisty’, R Quddus2, B Islam2, B R Khan2