VOL. 19 | NO. 1 | April, 1993


Antibiotic in general surgery: Selection, timing and duration of administration
MA Zaman and M K U Ahmed

Effect of high protein carbohydrate free diet on the evolution of  diabetes mellitus in rats
Md Golam Mostafa, TarekAINasir and K M Nazrullslam

Psychiatric morbidity in cancer patients
M A Hamid and A A Munib

Ketamine Infusi on for post operative analgesia: A prospective cohort study in asthmatics
S M Jahangir, F Islam, S N Samad Chowdhury, L Aziz and MA Ghani

Dissecting microscopic (OM)and light microscopic (LM) study of the intestinal mucosa of Bangladeshi population
M A Wahhab Chowdhury, AK Azad Khan and K M NIslam