VOL. 17 | NO. 1 | June, 1991


Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on healing of experimental nonunion in rat tibiae

AUM Muhsin, KM Nazrul Islam, AM Nashimuddin Ahmed, et al.

HBsAg amongst unscreened operated patients

Ahmad, 8GM Chowdhury, MN Islam, FD Khan, MR Alam, AH Miah

Psychosomatic effects of permanent sterilization

AIM Mafakhkharul Islam, A Begum, 8M Keramat Ali

A study on the prevalence of tuberculosis in a rural community of Bangladesh

MA Hafez, A Mazumder, J Begum, MAl Tarafder

Ameloblastoma- A clinical study of 13 cases

MR MoUa,I 8haheed, P 8hrestha

Duodenal ulcer dyspepsia in the first degree relatives of subjects with duodenal ulcer disease

A8MA Raihan, M Hasan, 8M Keramat AIi, AK Azad Khan