VOL. 16 | NO. 1 | June, 1990


Relationship of Prolactin and Gonadotrophic Hormones in regulation of the Overian function

Md. Shahnawaz Khan, A.K.M. Shahidul Alam Khan, Nani Gopal Banik, Asma Jabeen

Site prediliction of Oral Cancer and its correlation with Chewing and Smoking habit-A Study of 103 Cases

F. Ahmed, K.M.N. Islam

Special properties associated with Virulence of Urinary Escherichia Coli

F. Muhammad, K.M. Rahman, M.R.A. Miah, Tahmina Hussain

Evaluation of Co-Agglutination (COA), Counter Immunoelec-trophoresis (CIE), Culture and Direct Microscopic (Dm) Examination of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) for detection of Meningitis caused by common bacterial pathogens

Md. Z.U. Chowdhury, K.M.Rahman, Md. RA Miah,T. Hussain, Z.H. Asna, WA Khan .



Ewing’s Sarcoma of Maxilla-A Case Report

M.N. Amin, K. M. N. Islam, A.N.Nasim UddinAhmed, P.G. Datta, A.S. Ahmed Amin,M. Abdullah