VOL. 1 | NO. 1 | 1975


Serum and red cell cholinesterase activity in duodenal ulcer

K. Ahmed and S.A.R Choudhury

Study of energy expenditure and food intake of some working class people of Bangladesh.

K. M. Fariduddin, M. Mujibur Rahman, and A. B. M. Ahsanullah

Use of different saprophytic acid-fast bacilli in complement – fixation test for kala-azar.

K. M. Rahman

Cirrhosis of liver in Bangladesh.

N. Islam and Mobin Khan

Cerebrovascular diseases

Md. Abdul Mannan and Sherif Muhammad Alamgir

Some aspects of psychiatric morbidity in the out-patient population of a general hospital

A.K.M Nazimuddowla Chowdhury, Muhammad Salim and Nazma Sakeb.

Incidence of important blood groups in Bangladesh.

Majibur Rahman

Thermal inactivation of cholera phages.

K. A. Monsur , M. A. Rahman and Farid Huq

Oxytocic properties in extracts of cascuta.

Md. Guhlam Mustafa

Cholelithaiasis- A Review of 130 cases.

S. A. Ashraf, K.M Nazrul Islam and M. Shelim Bhuiyan

Malignant neoplastic lesions in Bangladesh.

M. A. Rahim

Menstrual Regulation(M.R) Service.

Atiqur Rahman Khan, S.M.D Souza and Halida Hanum Akhtar

Brain-weight/liver-weight ratio as an index of nutritional status in perinatal deaths.

M. Anwar Hussain.

Ulcerative colitis in Bangladesh.

M.N Alam, N. Islam and Md. Shamsuddin

Effects of hysterectomy, administration of uterine extract, posterior pituitary extract and aspirin on the length of pseudopregnancy in rats.

Md. Muslim Uddin Kabiraj and K.M. Fariduddin

Incidental Discovery of an unusual secretor status of patient group A2B with Anti-A1 antibody in the serum.

Mujibur Rahman

Acetylating phenotype of sulphonamides

N. Anwar, N. Islam and A.K Choudhury.