Use of Wigglesworth Classification for the Assessment of Perinatal Mortality in Bangladesh-A Preliminary Study

The Wigglesworth pathophysiological classification was used to analyse perinatal deaths occurring in 5 health centres in Bangladesh. The aims were to assess the feasibility of this classification, to determine the causes of perinatal deaths and thereby to identify the areas in need of intervention. A total of 8058 births were recorded at 5 centres during the period of 11months from mid-January to mid December 2001.There were 1069dea~hsin the perinatal period. Stillbirths were slightly more frequent (53.5%) than early neonatal deaths (46.5%). Among the stillbirths, fresh stillbirths predominated over normally fQrmed macerated ones at all centers except BIRDEM, where the majority (52.5%) was macerated.


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