Studies on the Anaerobic (Bacterial) Vaginosis among the Bangladeshi 129 Women of Reproductive Age Group

Vaginalswab from 190 patients aged between 15to 45 years with the c0!1″plaint of excessive and foul smelling vaginal discharge and 50 healthy controls of comparable age werestudied. Differentdiagnostictechniques used forthe detectionof G.vaginalis were compared. Antibiogram of isolated G.vaginalis was also performed to determine
the drug sensitivity pattern. G.vaginaliswere isolated from 74 patients (38.9%) and from 6 controls (12%).The rate of isolation of G.vaginalis in the vaginal swabs of patients is significantly higher (p<0.001) as compared to controls. Vaginal flora in 91% of G.vaginalis positive patients were GardnereJ/a morphotype and clue cells were found…


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