Seroprevalence of Helicobacter Pylori among the Diabetic Population in Bangladesh: A Comparative Serological Study on the Newly Diagnosed and Older Diabetics

This prospective study was designed to find out the prevalence of “.pylori infection among the diabetic population in Bangladesh with a comparison between the newly diagnosed and older diabetics. For this study 520 diabetic patients: 152 (29%) newly diagnosed and 368 (71%) older diabetics of both sexes (250 male, 270 female) with a mean age of58.5.:t12.04years (range 10-70 years) were selected’randomly from out and in-patient departments of BIRDEM, Dhaka. Mean fasting and 2 hours post load blood glucose level of the studied population was 10.53.:t4.08 mmol/L and 18.35.:t9.44 mmol/L respectively.


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