Role of XmnI Polymorphism in HbF Induction in HbE/β and β-Thalassaemia Patients

Background: Thalassaemia is one of the most common genetic blood disorders worldwide. Patients with β thalassaemia major and HbE/β-thalassaemia are blood transfusion dependent. Foetal haemoglobin or HbF can play a role in disease manifestations in these patients and there is evidence that a homozygous state for XmnI polymorphic site, associated with increased expression of Gγ-gene, may play an important role among other factors in ameliorating the clinical severity of homozygous β-thalassaemia and thalassaemia intermedia. The aim of this review was to provide a comprehensive review of the role of XmnI polymorphic site for increased HbF production in HbE/β and β-thalassaemia patients.


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