Risk factors of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in Bangladeshi population: a case control study

Despite success in tuberculosis control, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Bangladesh is increasing and currently multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis rate is 3.6% in new cases and 19% in re-treatment cases. This study focused on determination of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis which is warranted for effective prevention strategy. An unmatched case control study was conducted in 2010. Purposively recruited 136 culture-proved multi-drug-resistant- tuberculosis cases and 152 cured tuberculosis patients were interviewed. Associations between exposure and outcome variables were initially tested by χ2 -test, t-test. A result was considered significant at p value <0.05. Effects of exposure variables were also assessed after adjusting for other variables by binary logistic regression models. Crude and adjusted Odds Ratio with 95% Confidence Interval was computed.


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