Recurrence of cancer cervix in patients treated by radical hysterectomy followed by adjuvant external beam radiotherapy

One hundred and twenty patients with FIGO stage Ib-IIa cervical cancer who had radical hysterectomy prior to January 2003 in different hospitals of Bangladesh and thereafter received external beam pelvic radiotherapy (RT) at National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, Dhaka were studied. Until December 2007, 50 (42%) patients developed recurrence. Thirty-four (70%) patients experienced local recurrence, 13 (26%) distant recurrence and 2 (4%) both local and distant recurrence. Of 15 patients with distant metastasis, 6 (40%) experienced it in extra-pelvic lymph nodes. The median time to recurrence was 19 months (range 6-120 months) for local failure, 33 months (range 12-108 months) for distant failure and 25 months (range 13-36 months) for those with both local and distant failure. Eighty percent recurrences occurred within 36 months.


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