Quitting attempts in Bangladeshi male rural smokers and social correlates

Smokers lose, on average, about ten years of life, while smokers who quit before age of 35 years have mortality rates similar to those who never smoked. There is lack of support for smokers in their quitting attempt as well as empirical data to design support strategies. This cross sectional study was conducted in 2012 in rural Tangail, to identify the smoking quitting attempts and its correlates in Bangladeshi population. A total of 505 adult rural smokers were enlisted, and interviewed using a pretested questionnaire in Bangla. Pearson’s chi-square tests and logistic regression analysis were done to find out the association before and after controlling for the effects of other variables. The recruited samples were between the ages of 18 and 80 years with a mean (SD) of 42.62 (13.10) years. About three-fourth of the participants (72.5%) did not have any plan to quit smoking.


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