Prevalence of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media Among the Children Living in Two Selected Slums of Dhaka City

Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) is one of the important health problems in our country. Serious complications may arise from it. As such the study was aimed to find out the prevalence of CSOM among the children of two-selected slum dwellers in Dhaka City. This was a descriptive type of cross sectional study. A total of 203 samples were interviewed and examined. Altogether 7.39% of children were observed to have CSOM. Among CSOM cases, 60% had hearing impairment. Ear discharge and perforation were observed in 26.7% in right ear, 46.7% in left ear and 26.7% in both ears. Central perforation was present in 93% cases.


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