Polypoid gall bladder lesions: Is it necessary for immediate surgery?

Ultrasonographic study of hepatobiliary system was done in 481 patients with acute right hypochondriac pain to find out any pathology in hepatobiliary system. A total of 57 patients with polypoid lesions in gall bladder were diagnosed and underwent extensive follow-up. In 31 patients, who underwent surgery, the histological findings were cholesterol polyp/cholesterosis (n=14), cholesterosis with fibrous displasia of gall bladder (n=7), adenomyomatosis (n=3), hyperplastic cholecystosis (n=5) and adenocarcinoma (n=2). Remaining 26 patients were under follow-up up to 18 months from first diagnosis. Though most of the polyps diagnosed on ultrasound appeared to be benign without any risk of malignant transformation, it, however, may be recommended to go for surgery in a persistent symptomatic patient.


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