Pattern of cutaneous tuberculosis among children and adolescent

Cutaneous tuberculosis is one of the most subtle and difficult diagnoses for dermatologists practicing in developing countries. It has widely varied manifestations and it is important to know the spectrum of manifestations in children and adolescent. Sixty cases (age<19 years) of cutaneous tuberculosis were included in this one period study. The diagnosis was based on clinical examination, tuberculin reaction, histopathology, and response to antitubercular therapy. Histopahology revealed 38.3% had skin tuberculosis and 61.7% had diseases other than tuberculosis. Among 23 histopathologically proved cutaneous tuberculosis, 47.8% had scrofuloderma, 34.8% had lupus vulgaris and 17.4% had tuberculosis verrucosa cutis (TVC). Most common site for scrofuloderma lesions was neck and that for lupus vulgaris and TVC was lower limb.


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