Orlistat as an Adjunct Therapy in Type 2 Obese Diabetic Patients Treated with Sulphonylurea: A Bangladesh Experience

Co-existence of obesity and type 2 DM exacerbates metabolic and other remediable health consequences further. Various pharmacological therapies have been adopted when changing oflifestyle fail to achieve target glycaemic control. Our objective is to find out whether Orlistat can reduce both weight and need for oral hypoglycaemic agent (OHA) and improves glycacmic status,lipid disorders, blood pressure in Bangladesh type 2 DM with obesity. In this center, open-label, randomized, controlled pilot trial 36 type 2 patients with obesity were enrolled. All patients aged 40-65 years had BMI >25 kg/m1 taking sulfonylureas and hypocalorie diet. Twenty one randomly cases were treated with orlistat 120 mg three times daily for 6 months and 15 without orlistat as control.


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