Oral health status of disabled children

110 disabled and 110 normal healthy children with the age range from 3 to 14 were examined in this cross sectional study. The average number of decayed tooth found 5.6 in deciduous and 6.5 in mixed dentition in disabled children, and the numbers were 3.5 and 4.0 respectively in normal children. Average number of missing tooth was 1.3 in disabled and was 1.0 normal child. The oral hygiene index value was 3 in disabled and 2.47 were in healthy children. In the disabled children, 36% respondents had normal gingiva, 50% had mild gingivitis and 14% had marked gingivitis; but in the normal children, about 73% showed normal gingiva, 23% developed mild gingivitis and only 4.5% had marked gingivitis.


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