Monitoring Efficacy of Commonly Used Antimalarials by a 14-day IN-VIVO Testin a New Settler’s Camp in Endemic Zone at Cox’s Bazar

The study was done in a new settler’s camp “Barachara” under Sadar thana of Cox’s Bazar dstrict. It has a total population of 784 of all age groups, registered in the middle of the study period. A prospective evaluation of all cases of fever were done over 12 months, to see the pattern of febrile illness among the population and to compare the therapeutic efficacy of two alternative drug regimens for uncomplicated falciparum malaria (UM). Blood for malarial parasite (MP) was done in all cases of fever and was treated in line with the new clinical case definitions and treatment guidelines for malaria in Bangladesh. Slide positive UM cases were subjected to a “14- day in-vivo test” for therapeutic efficacy testing of antimalarial agents. The two drug regimens were randomised by lottery – a) 3 days oral chloroquine plus single dose


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