Lymphoscintigraphy in Staging and Management of Breast Cancer

Internal mammary Iymphoscintigraphy (IML) isa simple non-invasive and reproducible technique to determine the extent of the parasternal node invasion in patients suffering from breast cancer. A total forty four patients-37 before surgery or any sort of treatment and seven patients after having undergone surgery, chemotherapy and/or
radiotherapy were included in this study to assessthe potential role oflymphoscintigraphy in the context of the present’state of the art’ ofstaging and management of breast cancer patients in Bangladesh. The scintigraphic test was done using Technetium 99m (Tc 99m) Antimony sulfide colloid in a dose of 500 p.Ci injected interstitially into the sub costal space. Images were obtained after two to three hours on a Gamma Camera and the study findings were then interpreted as normal, abnormal and equivocal.


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