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Vol 42 No 3 (2016)

Published on : December, 2016

Biochemical Bone Markers for Early Detection of Osteopenia of Prematurity
Jahan I, Mannan MA, Dey AC, Dey SK, Choudhury SM, Shahidullah M
View Online PDF p. 104-110
Molecular Analysis of HLA-DR and Their Association with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Khatun S, Saleh AA, Roy CK, Khan S, Pal S, Sattar H
View Online PDF p. 111-119
Role of MDCT Scan in the Evaluation of Pancreatic Mass with Histopathological Correlation
Hossain MS, Saha PP, Jahan MU, Sharmin S, Afrin R, Yesmin L
View Online PDF p. 120-124
Socio-demographic Determinants of Water Treatment in Cholera Patients and Clinical Presentation of Disease: A Decade of Observation from a Large Urban Diarrhoeal Disease Hospital in Bangladesh
Ali MF, Malek MA, Faruque ASG
View Online PDF p. 125-131
Role of Whole-Body Tc 99m MDP Bone Scintigraphy for Evaluating Skeletal Metastasis in Patients with Lung Cancer
Afrin R, Haque FS, Biswas SK, Hossain S, Roy SK, Jahan M
View Online PDF p. 132-136
Continuation of Indoor Prescribed Antibiotics in the Outpatient Treatment of Neonatal Sepsis
Islam SMR, Talukder K, Akter M, Khatoon S
View Online PDF p. 137-141
Incidence of Negative Appendicectomy: Correlation Between Clinical, Peroperative and Histopathological Findings
Rahman MZ, Islam J, Habib A, Bhattacharjee A
View Online PDF p. 142-146
Fanconi Anaemia – A Rare Case Report
Aziz MA, Chowdhury MU, Khan R, Shah MS, Islam S
View Online PDF p. 147-149