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Vol 40 No 3 (2014)

Published on : December, 2014

Role of ascitic fluid adenosine deaminase (ADA) and serum CA-125 in the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis
Ali N, Nath NC, Parvin R, Rahman A, Bhuiyan TM, Rahman M, Mohsin MN
View Online PDF p. 89-91
Hepatic necroinflammation and severe liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B with undetectable HBV DNA and persistently normal alanine aminotransferase
Alam MM, Mahtab MA, Akbar SMF, Kamal M, Rahman S
View Online PDF p. 92-96
Elevated serum βhCG and dyslipidemia in second trimester as predictors of subsequent Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Mallick MP, Ray S, Medhi R, Bisai S
View Online PDF p. 97-101
HLA-B27 antigen frequency among suspected Spondyloarthropathy patients attaining a tertiary level hospital of Bangladesh
Nessa A, Tabassum S, Sultana S
View Online PDF p. 102-106
Influence of Psychological Empowerment on Organizational Commitment among Medical Employees in a Hospital Setting
Kebriaei A, Rakhshaninejad M, Mohseni M
View Online PDF p. 107-112
Familial, Social and Environmental Risk Factors in Autism: A Case-Control Study
Jahan A, Rezina-Parvin SZR, Bugum D
View Online PDF p. 113-117
Gamma interferon levels among Bangladeshi children after measles vaccination
Sultana S, Tabassum S, Nessa A, Jahan M
View Online PDF p. 118-121
Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of bacteria isolated from corneal ulcer in a tertiary level eye hospital
Nahar N, Islam MS
View Online PDF p. 122-123