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Vol 38 No 3 (2012)

Published on : December, 2012

Surgery for primary intracerebral haemorrhage: is it safe and effective?
Talukder MMH, Islam KMT, Hossain M, Jahan MU, Mahmood E, Hossain SS
View Online PDF p. 74-78
Pattern of urinary tract infection in Kashmir and antimicrobial susceptibility
Ahmad S
View Online PDF p. 79-83
Intraoperative serum parathyroid hormone level is an indicator of hypocalcaemia in total thyroidectomy patients
Islam MS, Sultana T, Paul D, Huq AHMZ, Chowdhury AA, Ferdous C, Ahmed ANN
View Online PDF p. 84-89
Efficacy of lower cut off value of serum prostate specific antigen in diagnosis of prostate cancer
Rashid MM, Alam AKMK, Habib AKMK, Rahman H, Hossain AKMS, Salam MA, Rahman S
View Online PDF p. 90-93
Pattern of cutaneous tuberculosis among children and adolescent
Sultana A, Bhuiyan MSI, Haque A, Bashar A, Islam MT, Rahman MM
View Online PDF p. 94-97
Community acquired pneumonia in diabetic and non-diabetic hospitalized patients: presentation, causative pathogens and outcome
Saibal MAA, Rahman SHZ, Nishat L, Sikder NH, Begum SA5, , Islam MJ, Uddin KN
View Online PDF p. 98-103
Hepatitis B surface antigen-negative, but HBV DNA-positive patients in Bangladesh
Mahtab MA, Akbar SMF, Rahman S
View Online PDF p. 104-107
Prevalence and risk factors for gastro-esophageal reflux disease in the North-Eastern part of Bangladesh
Shaha M, Perveen I, Alamgir MJ, Masud MH, Rahman MH
View Online PDF p. 108-113
Serotype and serovar distribution of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from high-risk populations in Bangladesh
Alam MA, Chowdhury MZ, Ahmed F, Alam A, Hossain MA
View Online PDF p. 114-118
Effect of short term recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) therapy in the prevention of anemia of prematurity (AOP) in very low birth weight (VLBW) neonates
Yasmeen BHN, Chowdhury MAKA, Hoque MM, Hossain MM, Jahan R, Akhtar S4
View Online PDF p. 119-123