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Vol 37 No 1 (2011)

Published on : April, 2011

Health related quality of life among the people living with HIV
Imam MH, Karim MR, Ferdous C, Akhter S
View Online PDF p. 01-06
Usefulness of Light Emitting Diode (LED) fluorescent microscopy as a tool for rapid and effective method for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
Khatun Z, Kamal M, Roy CK, Sultana T, Rahman MQ, Azad MBAS, Ahmed ANN
View Online PDF p. 07-10
Evaluation of management, control, complications and psychosocial aspects of diabetics in Bangladesh: DiabCare Bangladesh 2008
Latif ZA, Jain A, Rahman MM
View Online PDF p. 11-16
Birthweight of the babies delivered by chronic energy deficient mothers in National Nutrition Program (NNP) intervention area
Karim MR, Flora MS, Akhter S
View Online PDF p. 17-23
Lipid profile in minor thalassemic patients: a historical cohort study
Hashemieh M, Javadzadeh M, Shirkavand A, Sheibani K
View Online PDF p. 24-27
Higher prevalence of Cytomegalovius pp65 antigenemia associated with lower CD4+ T lymphocyte count
Jahan M, Islam AKMZ, Tabassum S, Islam MN
View Online PDF p. 28-33
Safety and efficacy of the supracostal access for percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Our initial experience
Hossain M, Ullah ATMA, Regmi S, Rahman H, Kibria SAMG
View Online PDF p. 34-38
Free Health Camps at 476 Upazillas in Bangladesh
Hasan M, Millat MH, Jahan MU
View Online PDF p. 39