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Vol 35 No 3 (2009)

Published on : December, 2009

Inhibitory effect of arsenic on aerobic gut flora in rat
Choudhry ZK, Misbahuddin M, Hosain AKMM, Saleh AA
View Online PDF p. 79-83
Ethnobotanical, phytochemical and toxicological studies of Xanthium strumarium L
Islam MR, Uddin MZ, Rahman MS, Tutul E, Rahman MZ, Hassan MA, Faiz MA, Hossain M, Hussain M, Rashid MA
View Online PDF p. 84-90
Levofloxacin prophylaxis to prevent bacterial infection in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia in acute leukemia
Rahman MM, Khan MA
View Online PDF p. 91-94
Free radicals and antioxidant status in acute myocardial infarction patients with and without diabetes mellitus
Deepa M, Pasupathi P, Sankar KBV, Rani P, Kumar SPS
View Online PDF p. 95-100
Determining infants’ age for measles vaccination based on persistence of protective level of maternal measles antibody
Shilpi T, Sattar H, Miah MRA
View Online PDF p. 101-104
Effect of carvedilol on adrenaline-induced changes in serum electrolytes in rat
Nahar N , Akhter N
View Online PDF p. 105-109
Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus antibody in antenatal population in Bangladesh
Ashrafunnessa, Khatun S, Islam MN, Rashid MH
View Online PDF p. 110-112
Current population-based public health workforces in Bangladesh
Hassan MA, Akhter S, Shahjahan M
View Online PDF p. 112-113
Safety and efficacy of atrial septal defect closure on normothermic on-pump beating heart
Hoque R, Rahman Z, Husain SS, Nuruzzaman M, Alauddin M, Ali A
View Online PDF p. 113-116