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Vol 33 No 2 (2007)

Published on : August, 2007

Polypoid gall bladder lesions: Is it necessary for immediate surgery?
Ansari SM, Banu S, Awal MA, Siddique AB, Alam MM
View Online PDF p. 44-47
Prevalence and risk factors of Type 2 diabetes in an urbanizing rural community of Bangladesh
Rahman MM, Rahim MA, Nahar Q
View Online PDF p. 48-54
Effects of activity modification on the patients with osteoarthritis of the knee
Shakoor MA, Taslim MA, Hossain MS
View Online PDF p. 55-59
Prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria and its consequences in pregnancy in a rural community of Bangladesh
Ullah MA, Barman A, Siddique MA, Haque AKME
View Online PDF p. 60-64
Spot urinary protein/osmolality ratio as a predictor for proteinuria of nephrotic range
Jahan S, Islam MS, Hossain MM
View Online PDF p. 65-68
Antibiotic sterilization of cadaveric homograft aortic valve for clinical use
Hoque R, Rashid Z, Sarkar SK
View Online PDF p. 69-72
Ultrasonography and computer tomography evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma with cytohistopathological correlation
Hoque HW, Alam S, Ahsan S, Islam MN
View Online PDF p. 73-77
Therapeutic ERCP
Alam AHMT, Khan ZR
View Online PDF p. 78-79