Foetal Compromise by Spontaneous Foetal Heart Rate Deceleration in Reactive Non-Stress Test and Decreased Amniotic Fluid Index

One hundred and sixty three consecutive pregnant women with >32 weeks gestation, undergoing non stress test (NST) and amniotic fluid index (AFI) determination were divided into six groups according to the amniotic fluid index and the nature of decelerations offoetaI heart rate. Foetuses with antepartum decelerations had statistically significantly increased incidence of intrapartum decelerations, caesarean section due to intrapartum foetal distress, cord complications and small for gestational age infants. More so with decreased amniotic fluid index (p < 0.001). Low 5 minute apgar score was also significantly increased (p < 0.05). Prediction of foetal compromise might be done
by spontaneous decelerations in reactive non-stress tests and with an amniotic fluid index ~5cm…


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