Fasting Cut-offs in Determining the Prevalence of Diabetes and Intermediate Glucose Abnormality in a Non-obese Population

The study was undertaken to compare the effect of ADA and WHO criteria for screening of diabetes mellitus (DM) and intermediate glucose abnormality (Impaired fasting glucose/Impaired glucose tolerance-IFGIIGT) and to explore an acceptable fasting cut-off in a population-based study. Ten suburb villages with a population of 11,895 were selected purposively. Of the total 6235 eligible (~ 20y) subjects, 4144 volunteered. We took height, weight, hip- and waist-girth, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose (FBG). All participants were classified into Group-l (Gr-l: n=453) and Group-2 (Gr-2: n=3691), based on FBG above and below 5.4 mmol/l, respectively. All from Gr-l and 610 randomized subjects from Gr-2 were investigated for oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), HbAlc and lipids.


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