Evaluation Of Neck Mass By Multidetector Computed Tomography And Histopathological Comparison.

The diagnostic usefulness of multidetector computed tomography scan in the evaluation of neck mass were assessed in this study in terms of sensitivity, specificity , positive and negative predictive value and accuracy in respect to characterize the lesion as benign and malignant based on different parameters by comparing computed tomography and histopathological findings. Cross sectional study was carried out on 57 patients in the department of Radiology and Imaging Sir Salimullah Medical College Mitford Hospital, Dhaka, from January 2014 to December 2015 with a 16 slice multidetector CT scanner and the reports were compared to histopathological diagnosis. Out of 57 patients 37 (64.9%) and 20 (35.1%) were diagnosed as malignant and benign lesion respectively, with a sensitivity of 94.6%, specificity 95%, positive predictive value 97.2%, negative predictive value 90.5% and diagnostic accuracy of 94.7%. As an imaging modality, thus MDCT proved to be a useful tool for assessing and characterization of neck mass as benign and malignant, especially in this part of continent and is essential in planning surgical approach and predicting prognosis.


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