Energy Intake and Expenditure of Obese and Non-obese Urban Bangladeshi Children*

Acase control study was conducted in Dhaka city to measure the energy intake and expenditure among 220 obese children of 4 -10 years age group and 220 randomly selected age and sex matched controls. A 24 hour dietary recall was used to assess the energy intake. Data on energy expenditure was obtained by 24 hour physical activity recall. The mean energy intake of obese children (2056:t751 kcaVd) was found to be significantly higher (P<O.OOI)compared to the non obese (1508::!:529kcaVd).Nosex difference was found in both obese and non obese groups. Mean energy expenditure ofthe obese children (1868:1:313 kcaVd vs 1495::1::200kcal/d) was significantly higher than the non-obese (P<O.OOl).Of the obese, boys expended more energy than the girls (P=O.OI).


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