Effect of Health Warning on the Use of Breast Milk Substitutes by Lactating Mothers*

This cross-sectional study was carried out with the objectives to determine the awareness, readability and understandability of health warning and its effect on the use of breast milk substitutes(BMS) by lactating mothers. A total of 400 mothers who had infant of less than 5 months of age & able to read the bangla newspaper were
interviewed at urban EPI centres. The mothers were requested to locate and read the health warning on BMS container. The BMS were used by 189(47.25%) mothers but only 137(34.3%) mothers knew the health warning. The mean time taken by mothers to locate the health warning in the BMS container was 40.4:!: 40.9 seconds( 95% CI
35-45). The health warning in the container could not be located_by 97(24.2%) mothers and another 51(12.2%) located it with difficulty. There were 263(65.8%) mothers …


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