Effect of Antibiotics on Serum Bactericidal Action on Plesiom on asshigelloides by Normal Human Serum

Thirteen clinical isolates of Plesiomon as shigel/oides were tested for antibiotic susceptibility of tetracycline, kanamycin-sulphate, gentamicin, erythromycin and ciprofloxacin. All the strains were susceptible to all these antibiotics. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)of all these antibiotics were: Kanamycin-sulphate – MIC
0.4-10.0 11gIm I, tetracycline – MIC 0.25-2.4 Ilglml, gentamicin-MIC 2.0-12.0 11gIml , erythromycin -MIC 0.5-14.0 Ilglml and ciprofloxacin-MIC 5.0.006Ilglml. The MIC and MBC (minimal bactericidal concentration)…


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