Dorsolateral onlay urethroplasty for long segment anterior urethral stricture: outcome of a new technique

Conventional dorsal onlay urethroplasty requires circumferential mobilization of the urethra which might cause ischemia of the urethra. The present study was conducted to determine the feasibility and short term outcomes of applying dorsolateral free graft to treat anterior urethral stricture by unilateral urethral mobilization approach. This hospital based prospective interventional study was conducted in the Department of Urology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, from July, 2009 to December, 2010. Total 30 patients with long-segment anterior urethral strictures were selected and treated by a dorsolateral free buccal mucosa graft. The test statistics used to analyse the data were Chi-square (2) test and Student’s t-Test. For all analytical tests, the level of significance was set at 0.05 and p <0.05 was considered significant.


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