Doctor-patient communication to improve adherence to anti-hypertensive treatment

Background: Non-adherence to medication increases patient’s risk of morbidity, mortality and economic wastage of scare medical resources. This study was conducted to assess the role of doctor-patient communication and duration of consultation, as tools to improve adherence to hypertension treatment.

Methods and Materials: Data of this cross-sectional study were collected by face to face interview and document review at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka among 253 conveniently recruited hypertensive patients attending outpatient department during July 2016 to June 2017. Mean-age of the respondents was 49.2 (±10.4) years, mostly married male (54.9% male, 95.3% married). Mean consultation duration experienced by the respondents was 5.3 (± 1.3) minutes. Among the participants, 63.64% experienced effective communication, 66% were adherent and 34% were non-adherent to medication. Among the respondents with effective communication, 92.5% were adherent to medication. On the contrary, among the respondents with ineffective communication, 80.4% were non-adherent.


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