Difficulties in Breastfeeding: Easy Solution by Oketani Breast Massage

Background: Breastfeeding is universally recommended feeding method for promoting child survival. Many mothers in developing countries do not practice optimum breastfeeding due to difficulties in the breast that may lead to the temporary or permanent cessation of breastfeeding. Oketani breast massage approach is one such technique to overcome those difficulties for successful lactation to promote child growth. The aim of this study was to assess the difficulties in breastfeeding and mother’s expression on benefits of Oketani breast massage.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted at lactational management center (LMC) in the Institute of Child Mother Health (ICMH), Dhaka, Bangladesh during March to August 2015. A total of 98 mothers (who have 0-12 month’s old children) who had breast problems or difficulty in breastfeeding were included in the study. The mothers were agreed to undertake Oketani massage. This is a connective tissue massage that promotes breast milk production and helps the lactating mothers to overcome certain difficulties in the breast. Mothers who received Oketani massage were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire.


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