Construction of Fetal Charts for Biparietal Diameter, Fetal Abdominal Circumference and Femur Length in Bangladeshi Population

Infants born for small for date (SFD) fetuses have an increased risk of perinatal mortality and morbidity. Different methods have been applied to identify these fetuses including history, clinical examination and ultrasonography. Ultrasonography has a better predictive value and majority of such fetuses can be identified. Measurements of the fetal biparietal diameter (BPD), abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL) charts are widely used in dating pregnancies and follow-up of pregnant women in assessing fetal growth, identification ofsmall for date (SFD) and growth retarded fetuses. This prospective study was performed to construct fetal chart fQr BPD, AC and FL at different gestational weeks from the Bangladeshi pregnant women.


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