Assessment of Renal Insufficiency in Gestational Proteinuric Hypertension in Third Trimester Pregnancy*

This prospective study on assessment of renal insufficiency in pregnancy induced proteinuric hypertension was carried out on 104-cases, in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (former IPGM&R), Dhaka during period of August 1997 to September 1998. The objective ofthis study, to find out the impairment of renal function in mild (<l10mm.Hg) and severe (>110 mmHg) hypertension. The frequency of mild hypertension was 96.29% and severe hypertension was 3.71 % in third trimester of pregnancy. In this study mean age of the patient was 26.53:t3.9 years, mean gestional age was 36.46:t1.93 weeks and mean diastolic BP was 99.0 7 mm Hg. The prevalence of hypertension was more in primigravida which was (72.23 % ) than multigravida (27.77 %).


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