Assessment of quality of care in maternal and newborn health services available in public health care facilities in Bangladesh

The study was conducted using the exit interview with patients (n=120), in depth interview with health care providers (n=87) and focus group discussion (n=16) with stakeholders to assess the perceived level of quality of care in maternal and newborn health at public facilities in Bangladesh. Both clients and providers expressed dissatisfaction for inadequate quality of care represented by poor cleanliness, long waiting time with less consultation time, poor compassion by providers, inadequate supply of drugs and unnoticed cost for services varied by level of facilities. Inadequacy in human resource and absenteeism and poor laboratory service were reported to worsen the condition especially at lower level of service delivery. Thus this study explored some important factors like poor quality of care, inadequate technical competencies, information exchange and follow-up services. A deficit in supplies and logistics are strong barrier in regards to quality of care at various levels which needs to be addressed immediately.


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