Antimicrobial resistance and in vitro biofilm-forming ability of Enterococci spp. isolated from urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital in Dhaka

The biofilm mode of life conveys a survival advantage to the microorganism associated with it. Biofilm on an indwelling urinary catheter consists of adherent microorganisms, their extra cellular products, and host components deposited on the catheter and thus biofilm on urinary catheters results in persistent infections that are resistant to antimicrobial therapy. This study was done during the period of January 2010 to December 2010. Fifty nine enterococci isolated from 1203 urine samples were speciated by conventional microbiological methods and examined for their ability to form biofilm by microtitre plate assay and antimicrobial susceptibility testing by disc diffusion method for 10 clinically relevant antibiotics respectively.


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